OpenMonitor v1.3

Vital signs Monitoring (HR, temp, Bpm)

1 Vitals monitoring

OpenMonitor is a wearable device monitoring body vitals: heart data (HR, HRV, R-R intervals), body temperature and respiratory rate.

2 Real-time data stream

Collected vitals data streamed in realtime to a mobile application via Bluetooth LE. The mobile application displays the data and forwards it to the Cloud for a historical analysis.

3 API and export

OpenMonitor comes with a comprehensive API and data export capabilities. API documentation is available.

4 Big data analysis

OpenMonitor Cloud is a data oriented platform to allow data-scientists to develop new ML predicting models based on anonymized data.

5 Patch-type wearable

OpenMonitor attaches to a body and looks like a button.

6 Waterproof

OpenMonitor is waterproof. It charges via wireless charger.

7 Long Lasting Battery

OpenMonitor uses a standard wireless charging system. It takes 2 hours to charge and will work 24 hours.

8 Child safe

OpenMonitor comes in a sealed body and designed with kid's safe materials.

Upcoming milestones

December, 2019

Alfa testing

  • first 10 devices are ready
  • starting internal device testing
February, 2020

Beta testing

  • starting testing with 20 beta users
  • opening API and data export
June, 2020


  • production
  • retail price: 249$