Virus symptoms early detection for business and personal use.

OpenMonitor is a wearable device that continuously monitors body vitals and detects body inflammation on early stages.

Open Monitor
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4 signs you should know about any infection

Most common symptoms of the virus infection:
  1. high temperature;
  2. tachycardia;
  3. increased sleep time;
  4. increased respiratory rate
98% of people experience temperature increase and tachycardia (heart rate raise) on the early stages of virus infection.

Wearable device

OpenMonitor - continuously monitor body temperature and heart rate.

Full list of collected bio signal: temperature and heart rate, HRV (heart rate variability), R-R intervals, body activity (active/passive), body position (sitting, standing, laying), activity status (passive/active), steps count.

From the day one we’ve put an extra effort into reliably measuring body body temperature. Continuous body temperature monitoring allows us to identify reliably body inflammations and to detect virus infections in the early stages.

OpenMonitor is worn in the waist area. It fastens to the underwear with the sensor side touching the body. We use double sided silicone tape for better contact with the body and lower sensors errors associated with body movements. This location allows reliable measure of body temperature and heart rate.

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OpenMonitor prototype photos

Technical details OpenMonitor introduces some kill features

Long Lasting Battery

OpenMonitor uses a standard wireless charging system. It takes 2 hours to charge and will work 24 hours.

Waterproof & Wireless charger

OpenMonitor is sealed in waterproof box and designed with kid's safe materials. It charges via wireless charger.

Big data analysis

OpenMonitor Cloud is a data oriented platform to allow data-scientists to develop new ML predicting models based on anonymized data.

Real-time data

OpenMonitor strams data in realtime to a mobile application via Bluetooth LE